There are consultants for wellbeing. There are consultants for strategy. And then there’s us.

We’re at the nexus of business strategy and wellbeing.
— Jono Nicholas, Founder

We’re a global wellbeing consultancy working out of Sydney and the UK and everywhere in between.

we want to help you to get the best of out of your people, and help your people get the best out of you.

when we say ‘wellbeing’,
this is what we’re talking about


Wellbeing is all about feeling good and functioning well. Gratitude, curiosity and engagement - these are all characteristics of someone who has a positive experience of their life.

If we experience positive relationships, if we have some control over our lives and a sense of purpose, it helps us function in the world.

Our solutions focus on helping individuals take steps to improve their own wellbeing.

mental health

Mental health isn’t the absence of wellbeing - it’s psychological injury.

What can we do to make sure people are happy and able to operate at full capacity? And for the 1 in 2 who will face mental difficulty in their life, how do we help them get back to full capacity?

Our solutions focus on understanding the risks and realities of your organisation, and developing strategies that positively influence the mental health of your people.

psychological safety

Can people bring their full selves to work? Can they take calculated risks and reach for those stretch goals knowing that if they fail, you’ve got their back?

Psychological safety stitches together inclusive leadership and staff engagement.

Our solutions help you create a ‘psychologically safe’ workplace that brings the best out of your people, and gives you a competitive edge.


this is how we work

we start by helping you build the evidence-based case you need to secure investment into the wellbeing, mental health and psychological safety of your people.

We show people how wellbeing can impact real life by using real evidence; From the neuroscience which explains what happens in our brains, to the simple strategies that can change our perceptions, emotions, habits and, ultimately, make us more resilient.

— judith parke, senior consultant at the wellbeing outfit


we know the five drivers of wellbeing

and we know the strategies that put them to work for the benefit of people’s lives.


the wellbeing outfit contains all our know-how

we’ve been leading wellbeing in the workplace for decades. So we know what we’re doing.